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May 1, 2023
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The Frontend, or the backend, question is now? What if we make it simple and provide illustrations for both in same tee 😊. In this developer t-shirt we've played a bit with classical joke. Front-end on the front. Back-end on the back. So with this t-shirts you get 2 illustrations for the price of one. These days the technologies have shifted so much that both front and back can do quite powerful things. Lets try to remember history and the way things functioned just 10-ish or so years ago. Things were quite different than, weren't they?
This t-shirt is available in 3 variants: frontend, backend and full stack

Frontend backend

The first JS frontend framework

If we ignore jquery, we could say the first fully fledged javascript frontend framework that gained significant popularity was backbone, it was released in 2010 and aimed at creating single page application. At the time a fairly new and innovative concept. Around the same time AngularJS or as it is known these days angular 1. Creators of angular soon got the job at google so naturally google continued developing angular, releasing a major refractor (angular 2), and new versions after it.

Did you know

The first version of jquery, a popular tool to streamline browsers differences was released in 2006, thats just 15-ish years ago. Comparing jquery to today's concepts like svelte, react, vue just shows how far we moved and how fast things change.

About T-shirt Design

We've did a spin-off of a classical developers joke, frontend on front of the t-shirt and backend on back of the t-shirt. For our heroes we've decided for high tech monkeys as that they simply look cool and advanced. Everybody simply loves them. We've played a little bit with contrast between front and back. For frontend we've went with light blue colors and tried to make them look as happy as possible while not deteriorating from high tech settings. We think they illustrate the way front-end developers feel while coding. For backend we've went with a bit darker tones. We think most of backend developers get a bit gloomy and twisted. At the end of the day they work almost exclusively with console and interact with machines. With this t-shirt we gave all those popular memes an illustrated tee. You know the kind of memes where front is done in fairy way settings while back is swamp-like settings. We hope that we've made a new hit with this double sided t-shirt.

Backend History

We can't talk about backend development before 2000's when internet became a common households thing. Back in 2000's java and c++ were all the hype. PHP was released and was just starting to gain some traction. Some of today's relics of the past like adobe's coldfusion were also the thing to look out for. Python was used, but more as a hobbyist-s thing than a professional language. Ruby existed, but Ruby on Rails wasn't out there until it's first release in 2004. Golang wasn't released until the 2009. Rust had it's first release a year latter. Things weren't as stable and secure as they are today. In those days servers were often misconfigured, vulnerabilities were lurking everywhere. But somehow as a humanity we've managed to overcome all that and get to more stable technology. With tech moving so fast we think that in 10-20 years from now we will look back and wonder... god how did we do it all with that lousy technology?

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"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."
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Dear friends, thank you for reading about this developer tee. If you've liked this tee, it would mean a lot to us if you could share the link with your friends. We've just started and any traction is more than welcome 😊.

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