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Released in September 2023


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Which of the popular clouds do you prefer? Are you an GCP or AWS type of guy?

Released in August 2023

Engineering news

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How do you keep up to date with tech? Are you for or against personalization?

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Our t-shirts are comfy and cozy. Our sizes range from S-5XL. Our illustrations are adorable. So give yourself a treat. You know that you deserve it.

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Released in July 2023

Common databases

Reprints on sale from December, 2023

What is your database of choice? A high write throughput or atomic consistency?

Released in June 2023

Systems security

Reprints on sale from November, 2023

Are you into cybersecurity? do you take over or secure? Does your affinity lies in blackhat or whitehat?

Released in May 2023

Development Helpers

Reprints on sale from October, 2023

How do you find solutions for code your not familiar with? do you use chatGPT or google search?

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cartoonish character looking geeky with glasses

What makes a developer look cool

There are plenty of stuff that makes software engineer look awesome. We are paid well, we tend to work on interesting problems. We tend to use logic a lot. However due to loneliness of our job we want to be cooler. The most important thing to know is, that we should try to feel good about ourselves. We should try to stay humble. We shouldn’t be envious of other people and we should try to iteratively improve our lives.