Devshirts club story

How we started

You could probably say that we started when our founder Mike bought his first software engineering t-shirt 6 years ago. For him that was both a moment of great joy as well as a moment of great disappointment. When he ordered his first developer t-shirt online, he was quite excited and happy. He was thrilled with the quality, he was enjoying the fact that he can brag to his colleagues about his shirt, everything seems great.
But as time passed he realised more and more. The quality of t-shirt he ordered is nothing special. The shirt was made out of polyester, the illustration on it was quite basic, something a 5 year old talented drawer could do. And in the end our hero Mike felt a bit scammed.

That was the moment that he realised that he wants to improve on it, he wanted to bring high quality illustrations to the game, he also wanted to do t-shirts that are 100% cotton, a comfy and durable material. He wanted to do t-shirts that had that punchline. That was the moment idea was born.

Soon after having his eyes on the domain, he figured we need to deliver high quality, so he hired an illustrator and started working with him closely in order to define design briefs, learn what's possible and what's insanely complicated. Started iterating on the design and defining how our product should look like, what should be a proper price and all sorts of product related things.

The end goal was and always will be is to give our customers a good deal, while at the same time bring a bit of joy in their life. Make them proud for being in IT industry.

Our design process:

First we brainstorm which topics might interest you. Then we do thoroughly research of the topic to make sure we are not doing something wrong, and that we got the right opinion. After that we write most of the t-shirt page content. Then we write design briefs. And at the very end we do illustration of t-shirts. During illustration process we do a couple of iterations to make sure our illustrations are at the top of their game.