Parenting pros and cons

What’s done to children, they will do to society.

Parenting and Slacking are major parts of our life.
Both are worth celebrating, and now with a uniquely designed shirt you can show them off.

One thing to note: This is our first designed shirt, so hope you all like it 😊

Are you a parent?

July, 2022
To be released | Developer T'shirt
To be released | Developer T'shirt

Story Description:

We all know besides deploying to production, children are both our greatest joy and greatest responsibility.
By having shirt to showoff that you are parent, it will probably be easier to connect to other parent engineers.

And if you are not a parent, showing off both your skills and geekines can be a great signal for other geeks to connect with.
You never know where love and other sorts of meaningful connection can be born.

Hope that you will enjoy this shirts and make others laugh 🦾🦾🦾

Rating summary:

Developers Reviews:

Morris Williamson
Full stack developer
You've really hit it with this July's edition
Maxwell Goodwin
Frontend Engineer
Straight to the point, even my wife loves this shirt :)
Camila Martinez
Site Reliability engineer
I like how this t-shirt feels.
Jose Marino
Not sure if it the product agrees with point, but I am loving this tee.

developer t-shirt preview:

Are you a parent?

Parent Programmer

We've invented DEVshirt's exclusive joke: parent programmer compiling a child  😛
Since world population is declining we should all celebrate becoming a parent, not to mention that parenting is one of the greatest joys in life. We as developers, should help the humanity grow, and civilization thrive, after all we don't want to go extinct. So... get to work 😉
With this t-shirt we've wanted to portrait the parent's nurturing the child, passing down parent's love for tech. We also made a joke how we sometimes need to nurture the compiler in order to remove errors.
As always, we hope that you'll enjoy our tees 🚀


Build in progress

This is our version of classical programmer tee: "Build in progress"
To an untrained eye it might appear that developer is doing nothing while build is in progress. But experienced programmers will know... we are working even though build is in progress. We're often thinking about what could go wrong, what could we do better and having general worries about builds.
This t-shirt features a sloth drinking a coffee, because we all know builds can be slow and it's usually a good time to grab a coffee and reflect on our work.
As always, we hope that you'll enjoy our tees 🚀



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