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As far as operating system cores go, you only have 2 options. It is either Android or iOS. Both seem to be very well represented on the general market. But we are developers, we are known for following different market trends. So... what is your mobile OS preference? For what system you build apps? Have you considered a cool t-shirt to brag with?

If you've used one mobile operating system it doesn't mean you won't switch to another in the future.
As always we hope that you'll like, become inspired and connect with our developer's T-shirts. 😊

Android or iOS?

February, 2023
To be released | Developer T'shirt
To be released | Developer T'shirt

Story Description:

We've all heard the famous saying that iPhone and iOS are known for its security and privacy.
It even offers a Lockdown mode when you really need privacy.
It's simple to use and offers a phone for which you know will just work when travelling abroad.
It's also one of the most expensive phones. So it's all trading features for cost.

On the other hand, one of the most secure and private communication networks and apps tend to be built for rooted android phones.
Realistically Android has the bigger market share. It's phones come in different pricing tiers, and there are for eg. flagships Samsung phones which offer the same, if not better performances as Iphone but at the fraction of the cost.

At the end of the day, with mobile phones, it's not only a hardware question. The question is which operating system, as well as ecosystem you prefer?

We hope that you will enjoy our T-shirts and we're looking forward to next release 😊

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Android or iOS?

Android developer

We've done a t-shirt for android developers. Android is the biggest free and open source mobile operating system out there. So it definitely deserves a spot in our developers tee collection. We’ve played a bit with hacker motives, some “secret” knowledge only android developers will know and with robots. After all besides being an operating system android as a word means robot that looks like human.
We hope that you’ll find this tee as attractive and as cool as we do 😛


iOS developer

We've done a t-shirt for IOS developers. Whether you love it or hate it IOS and apples flagship Iphone is the biggest competitor to android. It has won a significant market share. And it is the device/operating system package that a lot of people prefer. It definitely deserves a spot in our developers tee collection.
For this tee we’ve played a bit with symbolism apple represents. To us it represents uniqueness, artistic, a hedonistic but a the same time strong and secure view of life. It is “just IOS” thing.
We hope that you’ll be as inspired by this tee as we are 😊



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