Man's best friend

"Everything I know I learned from dogs."

Whether you have dog or not It is well known that dogs provide unconditional love.
On a side note, sometimes it's a bit tiresome for senior, to handle junior enthusiasm.
We want to raise awareness about that.

Hope you enjoy our shirts, and we're looking forward to next release 😊

Do you own a dog?

August, 2022
To be released | Developer T'shirt
To be released | Developer T'shirt

Story Description:

Let's show the world that that we are proud engineering parents of 4 legged beings.
They help us to relieve stress and simply put our minds in a happy place.
Once they start to wag their tails everything else in the word disappears.
On a side note, we see our dogs as a great rocket engineers.
If only they would have the same type of commitment to science as they have to us.

What separates junior from senior is his ability to understand potential flaws and complexity of certain tasks.
Even though to junior, something might seem easy to solve.
Once senior takes a look at it, he will, with his experience, spot potential flaws.
All seniors were once juniors, but only by fighting enough battles, they've gained the expertise to solve complex tasks.
Since code will probably be written only once, but read at least a couple of times.
It is of utmost importance that it is written properly.

We hope that you will enjoy our release and express your views with this month's t-shirts.

Rating summary:

Developers Reviews:

Jacob Williams
Senior engineer
That's exactly how I imagine my dog doing my job
Jorge De León
Team lead
I completely agree with the quote about junior/senior relationship
Camila Romano
Frontend engineer
Due to this shirt my cat is jealous on my dog
Hector Murray
Business Intelligence analyist
I love the ying yang you did. Also the shirt is of great quality.

developer t-shirt preview:

Do you own a dog?

I are programmer I make computer beep boop

We've done DEVshirt's version of a classic tee: "I are programmer I make computer beep boop boop".
Since developers are a huge fans of space and everything related to it, we've went with illustration of dog astronaut interacting with his laptop.
We hope that both you and your best friend will enjoy our version of this developer's tee 🚀


It's harder to read code than to write it

We've done DEVshirt's version of a classical programmers quote: "It is harder to read code than to write it" .
When you are junior it feels like writing code is your superpower, but as you age you realise that reading code is actually higher valued and a skill which is harder to learn.
We went with ying yang symbolism as every senior was once a junior.
We hope that you'll enjoy our illustrated version of "reading code is hard" statement 😛



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