Frontend or Backend

"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."

Backend or frontend are age long career paths. It honestly just depends on where your perferences lies. In recent years we've even seen the shift of paradigm. With client becoming more and more powerful each day, some of the features that previously seemed like they must be on the server are starting to hit clients or "frontends". In the same time backends are becoming more powerful and getting some significant improvements too. Honestly who knows what the future holds for us?

What we wish for you is to be happy with the career path you've chosen.
We wish you to thrive no matter what your decision is.ūüėä

Frontend or backend?

December, 2022
To be released | Developer T'shirt
To be released | Developer T'shirt

Story Description:

We've decided to go a bit different with this month's developer tees.
Since current trends in tech are replicating between front and back, our tees will be similar, but at the same time different.
In our opinion this will be our best release so far, but we are curious about your feedback.
At the end of the day your opinion, and not ours is what counts.
Let's remind ourselves of the quote: "First solve the problem, and then decide where should the code be".

We hope to give your career path an illustrated T-shirt voice.
And that together we'll bond over it ūüėä

Rating summary:

Developers Reviews:

Constance Levy
Frontend engineer
This is such a great graphic, I love monkeys.
Dalton Cook
Principal engineer
I must say that I love backend monkey a bit more
Gideon Francis
Golang engineer
I love how the space monkeys are similar but yet different. Each perfectly describing a role.

developer t-shirt preview:

Frontend or backend?

Frontend backend

The Frontend, or the backend, question is now? What if we make it simple and provide illustrations for both in same tee¬†ūüėä. In this developer t-shirt we've played a bit with classical joke. Front-end on the front. Back-end on the back. So with this t-shirts you get 2 illustrations for the price of one. These days the technologies have shifted so much that both front and back can do quite powerful things. Lets try to remember history and the way things functioned just 10-ish or so years ago. Things were quite different than, weren't they?
This t-shirt is available in 3 variants: frontend, backend and full stack



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