Deployment options

"there is no cloud: It’s just someone else’s computer"

Containerization and serverless types of deployments are complementary techniques.
Wether you host your development on AWS, Azure, Google cloud, Hetzner or some other cloud provider it will probabbly support both docker and their version of faas.
The trick is to know when to use what, and not which one is better.

We're a big fan of both deployment techniques and hope that they will thrive.
As always we hope that you'll like, become inspired and connect with our developer's T-shirts. 😊

Containers or Serverless?

November, 2022
To be released | Developer T'shirt
To be released | Developer T'shirt

Story Description:

We've all heard the famous joke: "but it runs on my machine"
Well today Docker saves the day and saves us from having to ship our precious development machines to a client.

If you are into Serverless you are into solving problems fast, being first to market and knowing your piece of software will scale.
In our opinion serverless development is all about high speed without compromising the deed.

Make sure you check out this serverless vs containers famous rap battle:

Rating summary:

Developers Reviews:

Leonardo Bailey
Site reliability engineer
I love what you did with docker's t-shirt, can't wait for you guys to do k8.
Henry Duncan
Serverless expert
I love the whole tee story you guys did, What you wrote is the exact reason why I'm developing with serverless. I really think it is magnificent time saver.
Anna Rice
Product manager
I often need to balance between the two options. Thank you for sharing rap battle, Its really hillarious.

developer t-shirt preview:

Containers or Serverless?

Docker saves the day

We've done a t-shirt for containers users. There are countless memes going around regarding containers. From the classical, "It runs on my machine; But we're not gonna ship your machine" to various different kinds. All we can say that docker has changed the way we think about deploying code. We've went from custom bash setup scripts to a standardised way of setting up our apps, getting them ready for production environments. In a way Docker saved the day.
We hope that you'll enjoy our illustrated fan tribute tee to Docker 😛


Serverless web scale

There is nothing that simplifies our lifes as much as serverless does. It's a popular technology. Every cloud provider has their own offering of functions as a service. There is even OpenFAAS a kubernetes way of just running a simple function in the cloud. Even though serverless is marketed as web scale, we think that its power lies in the fact that it's a simple way to run its code. By going high speed without compromising the deed, you can be the first on the market and monopolise it.
We hope that you'll enjoy both our view of serverless, as well as illustrated developer tee.



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