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Release history:

Released in September 2023


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Which of the popular clouds do you prefer? Are you an GCP or AWS type of guy?

Released in August 2023

Engineering news

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How do you keep up to date with tech? Are you for or against personalization?

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Our t-shirts are comfy and cozy. Our sizes range from S-5XL. Our illustrations are adorable. So give yourself a treat. You know that you deserve it.

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Released in July 2023

Common databases

Reprints on sale from December, 2023

What is your database of choice? A high write throughput or atomic consistency?

Released in June 2023

Systems security

Reprints on sale from November, 2023

Are you into cybersecurity? do you take over or secure? Does your affinity lies in blackhat or whitehat?

Released in May 2023

Development Helpers

Reprints on sale from October, 2023

How do you find solutions for code your not familiar with? do you use chatGPT or google search?

Released in April 2023

Development OS

Reprints available

Do you use macos or linux OS on your development machine? In any case we have the perfect tee for you.

Released in March 2023

Adjacent to software

Reprints available

There is plenty of software development adjacent career choices, these 2 peeked our interest. Which one you know of?

Released in February 2023

Mobile apps

Reprints available

Whether its Android or iOS we’ve got you covered. Show off your ecosystem preferences by wearing our t-shirts.

Released in January 2023

Technical challenge

Reprints available

Technical interview tests are stressful for sure, however everyone has a preference. Which one is yours?

Released in December 2022

Frontend backend

Reprints available

Frontend, Backend, or full-stack? Tell us your professional orientation by wearing this two-sided t-shirt.

Released in November 2022

Deployment options

Reprints available

Show off your preference for architecting new things. Is it docker or is it serverless… which one is your favorite pick?

Released in October 2022

Crypto thoughts

Reprints available

A brave new world, or improving the fiat? Share your thoughts on who will win in the currency race?

Released in September 2022

Modern housing

Reprints available

A home-owner, or just setting your foot in the world? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Released in August 2022

Man's best friend

Reprints available

Got a four-legged best friend, or years of coding experience? We have something for everybody.

Released in July 2022

Parenting pros and cons

Reprints available

A proud parent or a committed careerist searching for love? Brag with your achievements.

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