Release 12
June 2023

Systems security

Wether you love or hate hacking it exists in the world. There are two sides of computer security and there is occasional side swapping. Those sides are blackhat and whitehat hacking.

You can’t be a blackhat hacker without knowing how to be whitehat. And vice versa. Computer security has attracted various developers for a long time. Those activities are an interesting brain teasers. It is something to keep you occupied, and it is something that gives a sense of power. When hacking you get that feeling of mental superiority, like you own the world, like you are in control.

In the recent years there has been a considerable evolution of security technology. With improvement in SAST, the improvement of attack vectors also arrived. These days there are various supply chain attacks, automated discoveries of zero days exploits, secrets scanners, and various bug bounty programs. And with ai penetration tools being just around the corner, it means we are living in interesting times. However, to be honest, one thing hasn’t changed, the playfield is constantly evolving.

So have you considered doing some hacking yourself?

Released Manifestos

1. Blackhat hacktivism

A cowboy robot wearing a black hat, doing penetration testing and exploiting systems in order to gain control of other people systems. Containing text blackhat written in dark font.

2. Whitehat protection

Half human half robot faceless hacker wearing white hoodie, having high tech visor and a tech globe in front of him. It has a mechanical wings and there is a text saying whitehat, securing our world.

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