Release 1
July 2022

Parenting pros and cons

We all know besides deploying to production, children are both our greatest joy and greatest responsibility. By having shirt to showoff that you are parent, it will probably be easier to connect to other parent engineers.

And if you are not a parent, showing off both your skills and swag can be a great signal for other geeks to connect with. You never know where love and other sorts of meaningful connection can be born.

This is our first release. We hope that you’ll enjoy it and here is to many more to come.

Released Manifestos

1. Technological parenting

A parent showing his baby to the world in a nurturing and proud way. Baby Is also a technologist holding a tablet and having an apple watch. The whole illustration is framed in macos panels and there is a text saying compiler result success

2. On software engineers productivity

A engineer sloth hanging from a tree having a coffee with his gamer headphones on, with a text around the illustration saying build in progress, I am not slacking

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cartoonish character looking geeky with glasses

What makes a developer look cool

There are plenty of stuff that makes software engineer look awesome. We are paid well, we tend to work on interesting problems. We tend to use logic a lot. However due to loneliness of our job we want to be cooler. The most important thing to know is, that we should try to feel good about ourselves. We should try to stay humble. We shouldn’t be envious of other people and we should try to iteratively improve our lives.