Release 3
September 2022

Modern housing

One of the best feelings in the world is just being in your home relaxing and procrastinating. On the other hand If you are just starting out, you know that the one who controls code, controls the world. These days it is a great skill and something to be proud of. It will for sure set you up for a great future.

We all know that owning a home is one of life-worthy achievements. It is a place where you feel safe, where you can relax, and enjoy spending your time.. It ain’t easy to get in that place, but we should also cherish our achievements.

If you are just setting your foot in the world, there are plenty of things to do. Plenty of human achievements to see and embrace. Know this: great things are ahead of you and plenty of stuff to learn. With our shirt your set up for achieving even greater accomplishments.

We hope that with this month’s shirts you’ll be set up for great achievements, 🦾🦾🦾

Released Manifestos

1. Our localhost

A futuristic city full of skyscrapers with house in the center from a famous cartoon the jetson, featuring nicely framed text saying there is no place like

2. Influence of the code

A junior enthusiastic developer setting his foot into the world, with world famous landmarks such as eiffel tower in paris, and burj khalifa in the background, with a text around it saying if you control the code you control the world

Latest from our blog:

cartoonish character looking geeky with glasses

What makes a developer look cool

There are plenty of stuff that makes software engineer look awesome. We are paid well, we tend to work on interesting problems. We tend to use logic a lot. However due to loneliness of our job we want to be cooler. The most important thing to know is, that we should try to feel good about ourselves. We should try to stay humble. We shouldn’t be envious of other people and we should try to iteratively improve our lives.