Release 5
November 2022

Deployment options

Containerization and serverless types of deployments are complementary techniques. Wether you host your development on AWS, Azure, Google cloud, Hetzner or some other cloud provider it will probably support both docker and their version of faas. The trick is to know when to use what, and not which one is better.

We’ve all heard the famous joke: “but it runs on my machine” Well today Docker saves the day and saves us from having to ship our precious development machines to a client.

If you are into Serverless you are into solving problems fast, being first to market and knowing your piece of software will scale. In our opinion serverless development is all about high speed without compromising the deed.

Released Manifestos

1. Dockers story

Robotically enhanced docker logo's whale with a bunch of crates on top of him. Whale is floating on a cloud with a text docker saves the day

2. Serverless - First to market

Road runner dressed as judge balancing weight of software development and using faas (aws lambda, open FAAS, Google cloud functions)

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cartoonish character looking geeky with glasses

What makes a developer look cool

There are plenty of stuff that makes software engineer look awesome. We are paid well, we tend to work on interesting problems. We tend to use logic a lot. However due to loneliness of our job we want to be cooler. The most important thing to know is, that we should try to feel good about ourselves. We should try to stay humble. We shouldn’t be envious of other people and we should try to iteratively improve our lives.