Manifesto 6
September 2022

Influence of the code

Since so many things depend on technology, code control is quite important these days.

We, the software engineers are the ones that have the task of ensuring our code is secure and defensible. We have the responsibility to make sure our algorithms are correct and at the benefits of society as a whole. These days we are defenders, as well as builders and creators of civilized standards. We have a saying in whats right and whats wrong. We have a huge influence in shaping the world around us. However, remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Quote origins

Full quote is: “If you control the code, you control the world. This is the future that awaits us” by Marc Goodman.

Explanation of it would be that anyone who gained insight into how things are created at their source will have tremendous influence. There are some worries about ai creating the code humans don’t understand, and classical doomsday scenarios from terminator. Since we are developers and have somewhat understanding of program limitations. We would like to keep things both positive and human centric.

That is why on this t-shirt there is our junior programmer gaining insights into how things work from some of the worlds most iconic and influential cities

Code as national interest

In 20-th century we’ve started rapidly developing various technologies, computers being one of it. In 21-st century with mass adoption of internet it has only accelerated it’s growth. With mass adoption of computers, coding skills have become increasingly important.So did code control.

Recently we’ve started seeing multiple legislative regarding one’s country data being exported to another country. We can say the same for code. It has become increasingly important who controls the code for an app. Where does the company and their programmers behind certain tech reside. Almost to the point of data, and code being declared as countries national interests.

Did you know?

In 2021 GDPR fines totalled 1.21 Billion, and thats only an European legislative. Keep in mind that each continent has their own legislative. ‍

A junior enthusiastic developer setting his foot into the world, with world famous landmarks such as eiffel tower in paris, and burj khalifa in the background, with a text around it saying if you control the code you control the world

About Illustration

For this developer t-shirt we’ve we went with illustration of a junior developer. We feel they don’t get enough praise for hard work and learning they put in their career path. It’s always good to remember that we were all juniors at some point. With that in mind we should strive to help them grow and shape both as professionals and humans.

We’ve wanted to illustrate warm person, a friendly colleague, the one that will one day control the code and the world. We’ve portrayed some of the world famous monuments such as Statue of liberty, Eiffel tower and Burj khalifa in the background. Reason for that being is that coding skills open the whole world of possibilities to young people. It allows them to start earning good money, to meet new people, and generally do enjoyable work.

We’re under impression that with enough work put in, and internet connection, everybody can become software engineer, for no cost other than time it takes to learn new skills. That is a quite powerful paradigm.

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