Manifesto 1
July 2022

Technological parenting

Since world population is declining we should all celebrate becoming a parent, not to mention that parenting is one of the greatest joys in life. We as developers, should help the humanity grow, and civilization thrive, after all we don’t want to go extinct. So… get to work 😉

We, the parents are committed to our children. We are aware of the responsibilities we get by becoming the parents. We’ll always try to put our family and our children on the first place in priority list. We strive to educate our kids and give them best chance of succeeding life. We’ll raise them with a love for technology, and aspiration to improve humanity. We’ll raise them in way that they are proper human beings full of kindness and compassion. We’ll support them in any way we can. After all they are our greatest joy and once they grow up they will be on technological front and battlefield. We’ll do our best to prepare them for the life ahead of them.

Parenting in tech

Sometimes parenting can be hard, as a developer and a parent you often find yourself juggling your responsibilities. It can be especially difficult in dynamic tech industries environments. But still, try to limit your work time, being a parent should be a higher priority than being a good employee. And don’t worry, you’ll soon find out that outworking yourself doesn’t bring in any benefits.

People are often more productive when faced with limited time in work, there is even research to prove it. By limiting your work time, you often find creative solutions to complicated developers problems. You simply become a better at your job. At the end of the day remember 80/20 rule saying you actually do 80% of work in only 20% of time.

Importance of work life balance

Many Tech companies provide special benefits to parents. Netflix for example provides 12-months of paid parental leave. If your company doesn’t support you, consider applying to some of the work-life balance friendlier companies.

A parent showing his baby to the world in a nurturing and proud way. Baby Is also a technologist holding a tablet and having an apple watch. The whole illustration is framed in macos panels and there is a text saying compiler result success

About Illustration

For this developer t-shirt we’ve we went of parent holding a child in both barging and a nurturing way. We must admit that we were a bit inspired with famous lion king scene when Simba gets shown to the world. We think that we’ve managed to perfectly portrait what parenting feels like. On the one hand, as a parent, you’re so proud of your child, you’re thriving when your child does something cool, learns new stuff, and naturally you want to show it off. On the other hand you want protect your child, nurture him, and provide him with safe environment for him to grow.

Since developers are tech savvy people and parents are likely to pass down their traits to their children, we’ve made our child tech savvy too. We’ve given him a tablet and a smartwatch enabling his fast learning and exploring the world. In order to keep things funny and positive we’ve added a text: “compiler result success”. It’s a joke meaning we’ve successfully compiled and produced a baby.

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