Manifesto 26
July 2023

NoSQL ocean

In the vast ocean of data, we, the NoSQL developers, draw inspiration from the remarkable octopus. We embody its intelligence, adaptability, and boundless potential as we revolutionize the way we handle information. From the depths of our code, a manifesto emerges:

Just as the octopus explores its surroundings with its many arms, we embrace the beauty of unstructured data. No longer confined by rigid schemas, we create databases that flex and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of modern applications. Like the octopus maneuvering through the ocean’s depths, we navigate the complexity of unstructured data, harnessing its power to gain insights and fuel innovation.

The octopus’s ability to effortlessly extend its reach resonates deeply with us. We design NoSQL databases that scale horizontally across multiple nodes, gracefully handling vast volumes of information. As the octopus gracefully extends its tentacles, we build systems that expand seamlessly, accommodating the growing demands of data-driven applications in an ever-expanding digital landscape.

Just as the octopus adapts to diverse environments, we champion the multi-model nature of NoSQL databases. From documents to graphs, we embrace the richness and variety of data models. We engineer solutions that seamlessly blend these models, enabling developers to work with data in its most natural form. Our databases become the canvas where innovation flourishes, providing the tools for developers to create powerful and versatile applications.

Like the octopus’s remarkable intelligence, we empower developers to explore new frontiers. We provide tools and frameworks that enable developers to dive deep into the vast ocean of data, discovering hidden patterns and insights. With NoSQL databases as our allies, we break free from the shackles of traditional data structures, unlocking the potential of unbounded exploration and innovation.

In this era of data-driven transformation, we, the NoSQL developers, proudly take up the mantle of the octopus. With intelligence, adaptability, and limitless possibilities as our guiding principles, we forge ahead, reshaping the landscape of data storage and unleashing the power of information. Together, we create a world where data flows freely, empowering humanity to embark on extraordinary journeys of discovery and transformation.

An mechanical octopus connecting its tentacles to syphon data out of multiple servers and write it in its head symbolizing noSQL database like mongodb, containing text noSQL flow

About Illustration

We wanted to illustrate the high throughput noSQL databases are famous for. Thats why we went with octopus. We think it perfectly aligns with our goals.

We’ve wanted to play a bit with it, so our manifesto is about ocean, and our illustration is mechanical octopus with capabilities to process large amounts of data. To further enhance it we’ve added connectors to some of it tentacles and 2 servers from which it is syphoning data.

For the background we’ve went with the simple digital markings framing the whole illustration and making it look cooler.

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