Manifesto 19
April 2023

Humanity, Freedom and open source

For us linux developers and users freedom, humanity, and open source are our fundamental principles. To us, linux is more than just an operating system, it is a our community of individuals who believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to create technology that serves the needs of all people. For us serving humanity is more than an intangible goal. It is something we do every day, with each of our commits, and with any software we produce.

Freedom is the foundation of our operating system. As a Linux user, I have the freedom to use, modify, and distribute the software without any restrictions. This freedom allows me to tailor the software to my needs, and it empowers me to take control of my own technology. That is on of the main reasons why I love linux. The sheer amount of extensibility that linux provides is one of the keys of it’s growth and adoption.

Our Linux community is made up of people who are passionate about technology, but who also care deeply about the impact that technology has on people and society. Linux is designed to be accessible and usable for everyone, regardless of their background or experience. This focus on humanity ensures that Linux is not just a tool for the technologically savvy, but a tool for all people who want to use technology to improve their lives. We aspire to keep this thought alive with each feature or program that we add as part of our operating system.

Linux’s program focus

We believe any program baked inside the linux distribution should perform only one task. However, that task should be handled extremely well. On a greater scale, it allows us to build distributions and use our operating system in a way that is composable and easy to reuse. It allows us to build software that scales well. It allows us to expand our knowledge. And it allows us to fully unleash our’s as well as our program’s potential.

We believe operating system should be similar to swiss army knife. It should be able to perform all sorts of basic operations. The resulting power should come from us users, chaining and tying up multiple operations together. Making the whole thing exponentially more powerful.

A futuristic city full of skyscrapers with house in the center from a famous cartoon the jetson, featuring nicely framed text saying there is no place like

About Illustration

From hero perspective we’ve decided to go with a classical linux logo. A chubby penguin. However we see linux as a swiss army knife of operating systems. So we’ve figured it would be nice to enhance our classical hero with dr. Octopuses robotic hands. After all linux is famous for being good at multiple things.

You might notice how each hook has a different tool on its edge. The reason being a symbolism of various different linux distributions.

Since Linux started as something geeky, obscure, only a few people used, we’ve wanted to pay respect to that. So we’ve enhanced our hero with a geeky glasses and a smile. Most of us linux developer love to have fun with our operating system. So our hero should look like he’s having fun in a nerd-ish way too.

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