Manifesto 16
February 2023

iOS - the OS of west

Even though on a world scale Android is by far the most widely used mobile OS, if you group mobile OS by countries different picture will arise. In the USA as well as UK, and most of the other rich western countries, iOS has over 50-60% market share. Making it the preferred mobile OS.

Of course it is due to the fact that it comes packaged with Iphone. But still, those are the countries where people are spending the most, and you simply can’t change the market. Whether it is due to it’s design, usage simplicity, privacy features, or something else, it is the market almost every startup is trying to conquer.

All these facts play into your hand if you have iOS development skills. If you have a working knowledge of objective C or swift, together with iOS skills, there is a high probability, that your skills are in demand. Everyone simply needs a app developer in order to build their iPhone app.

For us iOS developers using apple is not a mere utility. We take pride in high performance as well as security. We take pride that majority of our users are on the latest hardware. With our apps we aim to enhance the whole iOS user experience. We are aware that we are as strong as our ecosystem is.

Did you know

Apple - a design company

Apple is famous for it’s high performances and minimalist design. From the times Steve Jobs took the company. From the times first ipod was released. Apple always had an eye for elegant and slick design.

You could argue apple produces minimalist hardware products that are easy to use. And you wouldn’t be wrong. If you compare apple to any other hardware producing companies it will become apparent how much time apple has spent on making sure that their device look good in physical world. How much time was spent on making sure each of their ux/ui is on point. Combine that with state of the art hardware that you can find in Iphone and you’ll get a killer product everybody wants to have.

There is a famous saying about achieving widespread product adoption… First the gays will use your product, the teenage girls will follow, and after it the whole world. With high quality and slick design you can often find this kind of saying to resemble some truth.

An rich villa in the center of high mountains with artistic color schemes and a just ios text

About Illustration

For iOS t-shirt we wanted to do something special. We wanted to symbolize the high end iPhone and its proprietary iOS represents. That is why we’ve went with the villa inside the mountains. After all iOS is famous for it’s customer base in-app spending and for the premium devices that run it.

We also think that Iphone community is more artistic. We are famous for taking pictures, videos and creating other kinds of content that simply has that creative vibe to it. That is the main reason we’ve settled for artistic color scheme in our illustration. You can’t do anything iOS related without apple ecosystem. That is the main reason why we’ve decided to frame our picture in apple logo, making the whole thing by a magnitude cooler.

For text we’ve decided to follow apple’s minimalist design, and do “just iOS”. At the end of the day you know it when you see it and when you use it. It’s simply impossible to miss that a software was designed by Apple and built with iOS in mind.

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