Manifesto 3
August 2022

Programmer's dogs

Let’s take a moment to cherish how great dogs can be as a work buddies. They keep us balanced. If we get too stressed out while working on some difficult programming algorithms, they’ll demand our attention and ask for a walk. Our dogs always know what to do to keep us sane, day after day.

Most of us dog owners tend to talk to our dogs. Talking to them about some complex programming problems often helps us come to an efficient and slick solutions. In addition to benefits of having some goofy friend around, knowing you have someone providing you with unconditional love to you is a great reminder how good life is.

Did you know

The first official take your dog to work day was celebrated in 1999. It was organized by pet sitters international in order to celebrate how great our dog companions are. Even though it has been increasingly popular to work from home, we should remind ourself of office policies history.

Beep boop origins

“Beep boop” is a common catchphrase describing mechanical beings, often robots and droids. It was first widely used in mainstream media in the first Start wars movie (New Hope, 1977) by a robot r2-d2. Even though he was extremely skilled and intelligent, he wasn’t able to talk, but only produce beep boop sounds instead. Those sounds were understood by other robots like c3po. The intonation of r2-d2’s beep boop-ing sounds were often nuanced as a method to convey various childish emotions such as excitement, disappointment and hysteria. It kinda reminds us of some of the sounds our vocal pets are capable of producing.

An goofy astronaut dog sticking his tongue out, working/programming on a laptop, with a nicely framed text saying I are a programmer I make computer beep boop. The illustration is using nasa/red blue color scheme, and has plenty of decorations including stars in the background and dog bones on dog's astronauts suite.

About Illustration

From design perspective for this tee we didn’t want to just do another goofy variant of a classic tee. We’ve wanted to go up and beyond with this tee. We’ve picked man’s best friend for our hero. We think dogs with their goofiness represent perfectly the point of “I are a programmer joke”. However, by enhancing him and making him also an astronaut, we think that we’ve made the joke only funnier.

We as developers, sometimes feel as making the computer go beep boop boop. So why wouldn’t our dogs do the same. It is a good reminder that we all sometimes feel a bit silly. We wanted our dog to looks as silly as possible so we made him stick out his tongue.

Since our working equipment is usually a laptop, our dog deserves the same. Due to the fact NASA is the most advanced space agency, we’ve picked our t-shirt color scheme matching theirs, and enhanced it with a couple of dog bones on the side. We’re quite sure NASA, or any other space agency, would provide their dogs with plenty of bones to chew on.

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