Manifesto 17
March 2023

A proper workshop

When working with hardware it isn’t as simple as software. You often need a workshop with various of different tools. To simple observer it might seem like hardware engineer is hoarding tools. But it’s often the mere need to have a backup tool if one gets broken. A backup component if supplier has shipped a malfunctioning one. And a backup device if one burns out. In hardware, redundancy as well as multiplicity is of significant importance. That is why we, hardware engineers, are committed to having a fully stocked workshop.

If you are just starting with hardware, you’ll soon realize the importance of tools. Without correct tools it’s nearly impossible to do things. I mean sure, you can try to use some different tool, twerk the process a little bit, be creative with what how to do it. However, more often than not, such behavior wil end up with poor results. That is the main reason we, hardware engineers, are a huge fans of our tools and are committed to using the right tool for the job.

Due to amount of tools, it’s important though to keep our workstations, workshops, or research lab clean. By being clean and tidy you get numerous benefits. Your speed, efficiency and throughput will increase. You’ll generally be happier. You’ll reduce the potential of hazard. Not to mention it’s just a pretty sight to see a tidy workshop. You simply want to be there, and you simply want to work there.

By having everything neatly organized you’ll have fewer distractions and as a result of it you’ll end up being more focused. Let’s also not forget the mental health benefits of having a tidy workspace. We all have some form OCD, so for some people it will be more beneficial than for others. But one thing is for sure we all enjoy spending time in a tidy workplace.

A steampunk, geeky, robot spider working on his laptop, in background there is a fully equipped hardware workshop with multiple identical tools, there is a text below saying it isn't hoarding if it's tools.

About Illustration

As a hardware engineer we often work with mechanical devices. That is why we’ve chosen a spider robot for our hero. With all the recent advancement in robotics, we think that it’s just a matter of years, before we get to a point where robots will help us assemble our hardware projects.

As a background we’ve decided to go with a small mechanical workshop since it reminds us of the old days, when robotics labs weren’t such a thing. The times when we were more about building our hardware then assembling it from various components.

At the end of the day, things haven’t changed that much. Before we were collecting and stocking our workshops with mechanical tools. These days it’s about having stocked robotics lab with various components we can use. But one thing remains constant. If we are stocking our workshop with tools necessary for our work, we are not hoarding.

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