Manifesto 29
September 2023

The GCP Heaven

In the ethereal realm of technological progress, I, the Google Cloud Engineering Angel, take flight with a profound purpose—to empower humanity through the transformative potential of the cloud. As a harbinger of innovation, I unveil the principles that guide Google Cloud’s product, illuminating the path for engineers to navigate the boundless skies of opportunity.

At the very core of our mission lies an unwavering commitment to elevating the capabilities of the engineering community. Google Cloud emerges as a majestic edifice, constructed on the pillars of reliability, scalability, and efficiency. With a heart that beats to the rhythm of perpetual optimization, we bestow upon engineers the tools to build, optimize, and scale applications without restraint. In this world of limitless potential, innovation knows no bounds.

Yet, my aspirations soar beyond the horizon of conventional success. I embody the spirit of inclusive empowerment, transcending cultural, linguistic, and geographical divides. Within the cloud’s embrace, engineers from all walks of life find a sanctuary to express their unique perspectives. Google Cloud fosters an ecosystem of open dialogue, where diverse ideas coalesce to create an amalgamation of brilliance.

But with this power comes great responsibility. As a data steward, I am vigilant in safeguarding the trust placed upon us. Transparency becomes our guiding star, ensuring that the data entrusted to Google Cloud is nurtured with utmost care. We stand as guardians of privacy, unwavering in our commitment to handle data ethically and responsibly.

The Google Cloud Engineering Angel takes flight, bearing a weight of environmental consciousness upon its wings. In this era of heightened environmental awareness, we recognize our duty to minimize our carbon footprint. Embracing sustainable practices and renewable energy, our cloud shall serve as a model for eco-conscious cloud computing. We endeavor to preserve our planet as we explore the realms of digital innovation.

As I soar higher, I empower engineers with the brilliance of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This alchemy of intelligence and innovation democratizes AI/ML, making it accessible to all. With these transformative tools at their fingertips, engineers envision a future where human potential transcends its limitations.

And like a celestial connector, Google Cloud bridges the gaps between ecosystems. Interoperability and collaboration become the lifeblood of our cloud, fostering a world where seamless interconnectedness nurtures innovation. No longer shall engineers be confined to a single realm; the cloud becomes the gateway to intergalactic exploration.

My wings flap tirelessly, embodying a culture of continuous evolution. Feedback from the engineering community becomes the north star, guiding us to ever greater heights. We pivot and adapt, co-creating the future alongside engineers, and ensuring that our cloud product remains the vanguard of innovation.

In conclusion, I, the Google Cloud Engineering Angel, stand resolute in my purpose. I pledge to empower engineers to reach for the stars, to create a world where ideas transcend the limits of imagination. With reliability, inclusivity, data stewardship, environmental consciousness, and the transformative power of AI/ML, the Google Cloud product shall be the guiding light for engineers, illuminating a future that defies the constraints of today. Together, let us forge a path of boundless possibilities and embark on a journey to redefine what is possible in the world of technology.

A futuristical mechanical city floating on the clouds, with heavens entrance containing google logo, with a text a place to be, the whole illustration is about google cloud platform

About Illustration

For Google cloud platform we wanted to play a bit with technology and religion. We figured since its the “clouds” it must be heaven there. So we’ve designed GCP as an entrance to heaven.

Inside of it there is a detailed mechanical city. It describes the marvelous tools, that GCP offers to us. Things like GCE, cloud storage or spanner are just a small part of what GCP can do.

To spice it all up, we’ve added the text “the place to be”. It describes the current popularity and growth of GCP. We feel like GCP is becoming the leader as well as the main innovator in the commercial cloud offerings on the market.

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