Manifesto 11
December 2022

Frontend engineering

if we ignore jquery, we could say the first fully fledged javascript frontend framework that gained significant popularity was backbone, it was released in 2010 and aimed at creating single page application. At the time a fairly new and innovative concept. Around the same time AngularJS was created. Creators of angular soon got the job at google so naturally google continued developing angular, releasing a major refractor (angular 2), and after it, new versions. However, somewhere around those times, we could say, was the of inception of frontend developers.

We, frontend developers, are all about getting the best user experience. We are visual types. We love to see changes in our code being rendered on screen. We think presentation layer is the battle-front, making it the most interesting stuff to work on.

Our language of choice is javascript. We often iterate frameworks, and build stuff using new technologies. Building scalable code, in a way that it is performant and easily maintained, is our way. We believe that frontend is capable of being much more than a mere presentation layer. So we often push boundaries of what’s possible, even more acceptable, to do on the frontend.

In recent years we’ve standardized data querying techniques such as graphql. We’ve built a powerful new technology called web assembly, allowing us to get closer to the metal and do more powerful things. In future we want to attack backend and get even more power in our hands.

Did you know

Technologically advanced monkey from space in a space shuttle writing code on 3 holographic monitors with various robotic gadgets around him. illustrated with cheerful, happy colors snd motives resembling frontend development

About Illustration

For our hero we’ve decided for high tech monkey as that they simply look cool and advanced. Everybody simply loves them. We’ve added multiple monitors as on frontend you often want to have your code on one screen while having rendering of it on the other. It often improves our coding experience allowing us to instantly see the changes.

We’ve went with light blue colors and tried to make them look as happy as possible while not deteriorating from high tech settings. We think they illustrate the way front-end developers feel while coding. Frontend developers are often cheerful, socializing between themselves, often working with people, and taking care of how they look. They are just pleasant people to be around. We wanted our technologically superior monkey to give out the same vibe.

In the end we went with simple text, just saying frontend and showing a checkbox in matching colors. It doesn’t have to mean you know frontend, it can mean you aspire to learn it.

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