Manifesto 7
October 2022

Crypto adoption

Our view is that crypto needs to be done with passion. We want to emphasize the true values of crypto. Ideas, innovation, hard work and dedication is what made crypto where it is today. Let’s amplify that. Let’s make crypto stand to those values. And let’s be passionate about it.

Putting money where your mouth is

As we try to emphasize with this tee. The whole crypto is about ideas, innovation and freedom. As much as those are important, It’s also crucial to put your money where your mouth is. It doesn’t mean that you should invest all your money into crypto.

It means if you are a small business owner you should start accepting crypto as a payment method. If you are a freelancer, you should insist on being payed in crypto. Even though it is still easier to use fiat, remember the bigger goal. With each act such as this, we’re working towards goal of decentralized money and free market.

Decentralized money

Idea of decentralized money is not new. It has been backed up by economics research by Friedrich Hayek, dating back to 1973. He argued that a small group of people like government simply doesn’t have political nor intellectual capacity needed to evaluate amount of money needed for economic development. In his views if the society concentrates economic power in the state, it risks loosing it’s political and intellectual freedom. He believed that government, like all monopolies will not hand out it’s power easily.

So he predicted, in order to take control of the money ,that there won’t be a violent uprising, but some silly roundabout that government simply can’t stop. Hayek thought that compound interest of each individual, when put together is more knowledgeable than any type of structure. Hayek’s beliefs were that market is wiser than all of us. He also believed that non government controlled money would bring immerse benefits to the economic world.

Breaking government monopoly on the control of our money should remain the key point of departure for every discussion on the relevance and application of cryptocurrency. That is why passion for such a philosophy should also be included in any crypto discussion. There is a vast research on benefits of economic freedom. Each pointing out that free market economies are more prosperous, more progressive and grow faster while being more sustainable.

It all crumbles without widespread adoption

The key factor which decides if some crypto is valuable, if it can be used as a monetary value, is it’s adoption. If some crypto, like bitcoin for example, moves away from speculative investment and becomes a currency you can use to buy your bread, pay your utilities and gets a general adoption. It will truly once and for all replace fiat money.

A senior developer with a beard with mining shaft and bitcoin mining servers in the background with text do crypto with passion or don't do it at all

About Illustration

We wanted to give tribute to the first miners, to the passionate rebels that started mining bitcoin purely out spite to government and view of the better future. That is why we’ve went with hero choice of our wise senior programmer. We wanted to make this t-shirt about that feeling when an early enthusiast mines his first coin. We wanted to highlight that feeling of gratitude and excitement.

Back in the days crypto wasn’t as popular as it is today, it was really only the hardcore enthusiasts that were into it. As we have some servers in the background they were the ones mining it, writing about it. And generally informing people about this new philosophy that is going to become crypto.

It is important to note, if we want to bring crypto to greater heights than it is today. We need to make it about philosophy again. We need to make sure it is about taking control of our money and giving it back to our society. Act as those few early adopters and crypto is set out for general adoption success.

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