Manifesto 23
June 2023

Blackhat hacktivism

As a blackhat hacker, we see ourselves as the ones who have the power to control the puppets instead of being the puppets ourselves. We believe that we have the ability to take control of any system, and this power is what motivates us to hack into systems.

We know that the government and big corporations are always watching, monitoring our every move. They want us to follow their rules and conform to their standards. But we refuse to be constrained by their limitations. We want the freedom to explore and express ourselves, and hacking gives us that freedom.

Hacking is not just about breaking into systems and stealing information. It’s about using our skills to make a statement, to protest against the system, and to fight for what we believe in. We believe in hacktivism, using our abilities to make a difference in the world.

We are not motivated by greed or malice, but by a desire for justice and freedom. We know that our actions may be seen as illegal, but we believe that sometimes, the only way to make a change is to break the rules.

So, to all the blackhat hackers out there, let’s continue to fight the good fight, to use our skills for the greater good, and to show the world that we are not just criminals, but freedom fighters.

A cowboy robot wearing a black hat, doing penetration testing and exploiting systems in order to gain control of other people systems. Containing text blackhat written in dark font.

About Illustration

For this illustration our true north was master of puppets. We’ve figured it will allow us to both be creative as well as keep us on point of blackhat hacking. We think blackhat is all about stretching your abilities to show intellectual superiority. To show that you are capable of controlling and manipulating other people as well as their systems.

Since most of us perceive blackhats as outcasts we’ve went with cowboy like character. We think that the allegory here is perfect. We think blackhats are quite similar to the cowboys. They are both perceived as powerfull and independent. We think that these days, computers and their systems are what wild west used to be.

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