Manifesto 18
March 2023

Bio engineering

We, as bio engineers, are dedicated to using our knowledge and skills to advance the field of biotechnology and improve the lives of people and the planet. We aim to first understand, and latter on cure any disease we encounter. We believe that science and technology should be used for the greater good, and we are committed to ethical and responsible research practices.

We value collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches, recognizing that the most innovative and impactful solutions come from diverse perspectives and expertise. We especially value software’s help. We use it wherever we can to make our life easier. We are also committed to explore other species to better understand and improve humanity as whole.

In summary, as bio engineers, we are dedicated to using our skills and knowledge to advance the human race to the greater good and improve the lives of people and the planet in ethical and sustainable ways.

Relationship to software

Most of software engineers rarely dabble into bio engineering. However, a lot of us, bio engineers, often need a softwares helping hand in order to do our job. We often find ourselves with the need to do various computations, various calculations and models, and all sort of other things that would be impossible without computers.

We tend to use powerful machines in order to do complex biological projects such as genome mapping. We use computations to simulate biological environments. It helps us to improve our drugs, our enhancing devices, and our understanding of natural processes.

Not to mention that recently, in the last couple of years, we’ve managed to significantly improve our medical and biological research due to the advancements in software, hardware and artificial intelligence.

Genetics as a discipline

One of the most fascinating aspects of human nature is our ability to adapt and evolve in response to changing environments. Genetics play a crucial role in this process, it allows us to better adapt to our surrounding environment. You might have heard of different people developing better into adopting to certain climates. It is all thanks to genetics. They have simply mutated into a more pleasant life.

You’ll often find people with nordic origins better suited for heavy winter climate, while on the other hand Arabians have, in a way, adapted to a heavy summer climate. Genetics, evolution and human adaptability have played a crucial role in enabling that.

Despite the complex nature of human biology and genetics, there is also a great deal of beauty to be found in these fields. From the intricate structures of our cells to the complexity of the human brain, there is a sense of wonder and awe that comes from understanding the complexity and sophistication of the still vastly unexplored natural world.

The study of human nature, genetics, and biology in general is a fascinating and inspiring field that offers insight into what makes us who we are. It answers the question: why are we the way we are? However, It’s important to note, while our genetics and biology may shape our behavior and emotions, they do not define us as individuals. Through a better understanding of these fields, we can appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world, as well as cure diseases.

A female in a lab coat with protective goggles and gas mask, holding a researcher journal, with chromosome in the background, with text genetics but with horizontal flipped letter e as if it has mutated, below it it writes mutations happen

About Illustration

We wanted to go with anime theme for this t-shirt. So we’ve played a little bit with a superhero working in lab. As a bio engineer in a lab, masks and lab safety goggles are a mandatory equipment. But since our brand is a bit cartoonish, and to spice up things a little bit we’ve figured our hero needs to have a superhero like gas mask.

As a background we’ve went with dna polymer. It’s what associates most of the people to the genetics discipline. After all there is still a bit of mystery in a way how dna functions, which part of it is in charge of what. How does it build build and can we improve it.

To conclude we think we’ve nailed it with our mutated punchline, genetics… mutations happen. At the end of the day there is still plenty of mysteries involving mutations and knowing how it all works. Knowing how we can use it to our own advantage.

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