Manifesto 30
September 2023

AWS - Rise above the clouds

In the realm of modern technology, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emerged as the catalyst for engineers to transcend conventional boundaries. As an engineer, AWS isn’t just a platform; it’s a gateway to innovation, a canvas where we sculpt the future.

Innovation Without Limits: AWS liberates us from the constraints of physical infrastructure, allowing our imaginations to run wild. It offers an ever-expanding toolkit that encourages experimentation and drives progress.

The Bedrock of Reliability: Reliability is our guiding star. AWS provides the foundation upon which we construct robust systems that are engineered to weather any storm. Our commitment is to design for resilience, ensuring that our creations soar uninterrupted.

Scaling to New Heights: In the world of AWS, scaling isn’t a challenge; it’s an opportunity. We craft systems that effortlessly adapt to fluctuating demands, enabling us to reach new horizons without hesitation.

Guardians of Security: Security is sacrosanct. Within the AWS ecosystem, we are vigilant sentinels. We pledge to protect data and trust with unyielding determination, leveraging AWS’s robust security features.

The Data-Driven Journey: Data is our compass, guiding us on our journey. With AWS’s data services, we unlock insights that fuel innovation, ensuring that every step we take is informed and purposeful.

Automation and Efficiency: Automation is our ally. With AWS, we automate resource management, orchestrating workflows with precision to optimize efficiency and minimize waste.

A Lifelong Quest for Knowledge: In the dynamic landscape of AWS, we are perpetual learners. AWS certifications are not mere accolades; they are proof of our commitment to staying at the forefront of our craft.

A Global Vision, a Local Touch: Our creations traverse borders, but we respect the nuances of each region. In our engineering, we seek harmony between global scalability and local relevance.

The Strength of Community: In AWS, we are part of a vibrant community. We collaborate, share knowledge, and lift each other up, realizing that collective growth is the path to greater heights.

Environmental Responsibility: As stewards of the planet, we engineer with eco-consciousness. AWS’s sustainability initiatives guide our efforts to minimize our environmental footprint.

In conclusion, as engineers in the AWS ecosystem, we pledge to embrace these principles. AWS is our launchpad to a future where innovation is boundless, reliability is unwavering, and the sky is just the beginning. We engineer the future, shaping it with every line of code, and in the process, we rise above the clouds, exploring the infinite realms of possibility.

A bigger rocket carrying smaller spaceship rising above the clouds, with amazon web services logo and a text saying reach new heights

About Illustration

For Amazon web services we wanted to play with how big and technologically advanced this cloud is. We think that this days nothing describes new tech better than space exploration. Hence we decided to draw a a detailed rocket carrying a spaceship.

Since AWS is a could, we made our spaceship rise above the clouds to show AWS being the cloud leader. To further enhance it, we’ve added a title saying: “reach new heights”. We truly believe that with AWS your cloud architecture as well as the game comes to the new level.

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