Manifesto 5
September 2022

Our localhost

We developers love localhost, It’s a place where we simply feel safe. It’s a place where whatever you do wrong, you can easily correct. On localhost there is simply no impact on real customers or users. That is why it’s a place of exploration, and it’s a place where we assemble our building blocks. It’s a place of great performance and it’s a place close to our hearths. We tend to alias it to different development subdomains. As time passes by our list only expands. is our work place we can call home. Networking deep dive

All messages generated by TCP/IP application software contain IP addresses for their intended recipients. TCP/IP recognizes as a special IP address. The protocol checks each message before sending it to the physical network. Then, it automatically re-routes any messages with a destination of back to the receiving end of the TCP/IP stack.

Did you know:

To improve network security, TCP/IP also checks incoming messages arriving on routers or other network gateways and discards any that contain loopback IP addresses. This double check prevents a network attacker from disguising their traffic as coming from a loopback address. for non techies or localhost is a local address every machine gets on a network. Most of us use it daily for local development. Wether we’re developing some frontend, or some backend, we’ll visit it multiple times during the day. We’ll always use it for developing our pages, services and servers. We often go as far as setting up alias for our thing from to by editing /etc/hosts file. ‍

Official definition: “ is a special purpose ipv4 address that is called localhost or loopback address. All computers use this address as their own but it doesn’t allow to communicate with other machines”

A futuristic city full of skyscrapers with house in the center from a famous cartoon the jetson, featuring nicely framed text saying there is no place like

About Illustration

From design perspective for this tee we’ve combined the warm feeling of home with rough feeling of technologies. After all 127.0.1 is our home and there is no place like it. That is the reason it needs to feel cozy and warm.

We’ve got to admit, we were a bit inspired by futuristic city portrayed in a famous cartoon the Jetsons. Even though in the Jetsons the city feels very cartoonish, we’ve wanted to spin it, make it more realistic, and design a modern tee.

After all, technologies and us programmers are always improving, striving to be as modern as circumstances allow us. We’ve also wanted to portray the urban life we live in. That goes hand in hand with developers technologists perspective. Hence the skyscrapers in the background.

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