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December 1, 2022
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We've invented DEVshirt's exclusive joke: parent programmer compiling a child  😛
Since world population is declining we should all celebrate becoming a parent, not to mention that parenting is one of the greatest joys in life. We as developers, should help the humanity grow, and civilization thrive, after all we don't want to go extinct. So... get to work 😉
With this t-shirt we've wanted to portrait the parent's nurturing the child, passing down parent's love for tech. We also made a joke how we sometimes need to nurture the compiler in order to remove errors.
As always, we hope that you'll enjoy our tees 🚀

Parent programmer

Parenting in tech

Sometimes parenting can be hard, as a developer and a parent you often find yourself juggling your responsibilities. It can be especially difficult in dynamic tech industries environments. But still, try to limit your work time, being a parent should be a higher priority than being a good employee. And don't worry, you'll soon find out that outworking yourself doesn't bring in any benefits. People are often more productive when faced with limited time in work, there is even research to prove it. By limiting your work time, you often find creative solutions to complicated developers problems. You simply become a better at your job. At the end of the day remember 80/20 rule saying you actually do 80% of work in only 20% of time.

Work life balance is important

Many Tech companies provide special benefits to parents. Netflix for example provides 12-months of paid parental leave. If your company doesn't support you, consider applying to some of the work-life balance friendlier companies.

T-shirt design

For this developer t-shirt we've we went of parent holding a child in both showoff and a nurturing way. We must admit that we were a bit inspired with famous lion king scene when Simba gets showed to the world. We think that we've managed to perfectly portrait what parenting feels like. On the one hand as a parent you're so proud of your child, you're thriving when your child does something cool, learns new stuff, and naturally you want to show it off. On the other hand you want protect your child, nurture him, and provide him with safe environment for him to grow. Since developers are tech savy people and parents are likely to pass down their traits to their children, we've made our child tech savvy too. We've given him a tablet and a smartwatch enabling his fast learning and exploring the world. In order to keep things funny and positive we've added a text: "compiler result success". It's a joke meaning we've successfully compiled and produced a baby.

Compiling deep dive

Since we mention compilers it would be fair to write a bit about it. Binary compiled programs are almost always platform and architecture specific. Due to that it's not uncommon to need to produce 10-ish or so different binaries. Often each language has a specific library or a tool to handle release process. For example in golang the most popular one is goreleaser, rust has its std library integrated tool cargo. It's good that in modern programming languages you don't often don't need to handle architectural differences. Even though windows and unix paths handling up to this day remains a bit problematic. Windows paths contain "\" character while unix uses "/". So a windows path would look like : "c:\folder\subfolder\program" while in unix you would often use something like "/usr/bin/program"

Did you know

It is quite easy to extract strings from compiled golang programs. At one point company behind traefik had a job application challenge where you needed to hack around docker in order to get unique link where you could apply for job. By just opening binary with a text reader and searching for regexp similar to "." you could blazingly fast extract the apply link and appear as you solved the challenge in seconds.

Released as part of the story
What’s done to children, they will do to society.
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That would be all folks

Dear friends, thank you for reading about this developer tee. If you've liked this tee, it would mean a lot to us if you could share the link with your friends. We've just started and any traction is more than welcome 😊.

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