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November, 2022

12 Programmers t-shirts to gift for christmas

Hey guys, Christmas is coming. Here are some of the ideas what t-shirt to gift to your special engineer. We’ve hand picked the best ones and we can guarantee a fun and enjoyable Christmas gifts. On a side note, we wish you all a marry Christmas.

1. HTML coded Christmas

There is nothing engineers love as much as code. This shirt is a classic, gift some HTML coded Christmas to your special somebody. It is almost as gifting a wearable web-page 😊

Price: €28.84 (€21.84 + €7 shipping)

Roles: Front-end, Full-stack, Web engineer, Wordpress engineer

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HTML codeed christmas - christmas gift

2. coding trough the snow

A safe choice, it’s like buying a classical Christmas sweater to a engineer. We all know computer engineers code wherever they are so… coding trough the snow 😊

Price: €38(€32 + €6 shipping)

Roles: Any

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Coding trough the snow - christmas gift

3. membership

If you would like to gift something of a bit higher quality, and more memorable than one-off T-shirts, consider gifting a 1-month membership. Even though it’s not yet released In December we are releasing a special Christmas edition of t-shirts😊.

We have a history of delivering high quality T-shirts designed specifically for programmers and our release history guarantees the quality you can expect.

Price: $34.99 per 2 t-shirts (worldwide shipping included)

Roles: Any


Devshirt parent programmer - january release

4. Programmer christmas letter

Programmers are famous for being grumpy, sarcastic and busy. This popular letter to Santa, asking him to reduce his workload only proves the famous sayings.

Price: €31(€21 + €10 shipping)

Roles: Any

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Programmer letter to santa

5. Code not working

As computer software engineers we all know the pains when our code simply doesn’t work. This Christmas letter to Santa summarizes it quite nicely.

Price: €31(€21 + €10 shipping)

Roles: Any

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All i want for christmas- code not working

6. SQL christmas clause

As programmers most of us are familiar with sql databases, there are plenty of jokes going around about it. It is a programmer’s way of saying that Santa clause is coming to people that behave nicely😊

Price: €28.84 (€21.84 + €7 shipping)

Roles: Backend, SQL engineer, Database Admin, Full stack developer

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SQL santa clause

7. The coder elf

The coding elf is a magical being that helps engineers debug their program and write maintainable code. Jokes aside this might be a perfect Christmas shirt for your more gentle half 😊

Price: €34 (€28+ €6 shipping)

Roles: Any

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The coder elf

9. Binary christmas tree

Programmers, developers, software engineers both have to work, and at the same time are a big fans of binary encoding. Binary is practically the only way to communicate with computer. For that reason this Christmas Tee is a perfect joke for us.😊

Price: €34 (€28+ €6 shipping)

Roles: More backend and Systems roles

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Binary christmas tree

10. Santa is watching

Programmers are tend to have a lot of work and a lot of frustration comes to them. Since they are the ones building technology and software, they are usually the ones that are blamed for bugs. As it is Christmas time remember to cherish and be nice to programmers😊

Price: €29(€20+ €9 shipping)


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Santa is watching

11. 404 sweater lost

As programmers we all make bugs and hate them This programming Christmas song on a T-shirt will help us keep the Christmas spirit while coding

Price: €31(€26+ €5 shipping)


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404 sweater not found

12. Christmas 404

Programmers are grumpy, we don’t like Christmas sweaters. But on the other hand we like both swags and jokes. This T-shirt has it all 404 christmas sweater not found

Price: €32(€22+ €10 shipping)


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404 christmas sweater not found


We hope that we’ve helped you find a perfect christmas tee, we’ve quite enjoyed writing this article and we hope to help you again next year.

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