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August, 2022

How to spend no questions asked budget

It has become quite common that startups have personal wellbeing or no questions asked budget. It is usually around $30-$60 per month. We are gonna list here 5 ideas on what to spend it.

1. Steam games

If you are into games, there is always something to buy off the steam. The usual problem with games is that each month you need to find one not knowing if you will actually like it or wether or not you will get to play it. Some of the other problems are they tend to be around $40-$70, not fitting into everyone’s budget. But besides that games usually boost people creativity.

Steam games

2. membership

If you are into Swag, into not having to go to store to pick up T-shirts and having them always up to date and available, membership comes as a natural choice. Not to mention our pricing scheme, at $34.99/month our unique engineers T-shirts come at a right price for you to spend your budget. You can basically subscribe and forget about it and just receive your T-shirts. You can join here membership tee preview

3. Massages

Depending on your location, spend on anything budget might fit going to a massage. It is always good to feel renewed and relaxed. By being relaxed it might also help getting your engineering work done.

Massages relaxation

4. Amazon shopping

Shopping on amazon can always be fun, especially when you are spending your companies money :) There are a bunch of lists for cool things you can get off amazon so we are not gonna dive into it but instead link them

Amazon swag under $30 search

Inverse cool things under $30

Bustle curated list of swag under $30

Amazon shopping

5. Local memberships

Whether it is a fitness like: gym membership, a pool membership, or some intellectual stuff like chess club, thinkers/makers club, or perhaps some political groups membership like save wildlife, human rights, or perhaps local agronomy clubs like beekeeping club, There are always something you can join and something you can do.

Gym membership

Make sure you spend it

In any case after all this ideas, the worst thing you could do is not spend your budget. It came as part of your employment package. If you don’t want to think each month on what to spend it, then the easiest thing to do is to just subscribe to some club.

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