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February, 2023 - About us is a paid swag club where you get a limited edition t-shirt each month based on your answer to personalization question. Our developer t-shirts are made out of 100% cotton and come with a high quality though trough illustration.

Customer benefits

Since yuu as a customers are ordering bulk t-shirts and we don’t need to operate physical shop or go heavy on marketing we are able to offer high quality t-shirts for low prices. We have a high, one time illustration fee, which we are able to s over long period of time. It is a win/win situation where both you as our customer get a great deal and we as a producer and seller earn a good margin.

Goofy Collectible shirts

We are able to invent new shirts as well as give story to them making t-shirts a collectible goods in a similar way trading cards function. As our T-shirt lasts for more then a year, our customers are for sure gonna end up with more shirts than they can wear.

As our club grows, those limited edition shirts become a hot goods, increasing their value, so you can at that point either sell your shirt or keep building a valuable collection.

T-shirt examples

Here we are gonna attach some pictures which show the quality of our illustrations:

Devshirt t-shirt android developer

Devshirt t-shirt frontend

Devshirt illustration backend

Devshirt illustration hardware engineer

Devshirt illustration software algorithm

Devshirt illustration real world code

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