Release process

t-shirt availablity:

  • 1.) We do a monthly release of 2 developer t-shirts, together with their story
  • 2.) Our subscribers can pick which developer t-shirt from 2 released they want
  • 3.) 6 months later at more expensive price our release illustrations become available for purchase as reprints

subscribers t-shirt:

  • 1.) Members area is a simple page, which contains t-shirts you've picked and ability to pick t-shirt from current release
  • 2.) Subscribers t-shirts are limited editions, and they shall never be on sale again. You can only purchase reprints.
  • 3.) Legitimacy of subscribers T-shirt can be confirmed trough seeing their members area, as it features digital certificate of ownership
  • 4.) We plan to introduce ability to send/sell your digital ownership of limited edition T-shirt


  • 1.) Reprints can be purchased 6 months after subscribers get their t-shirts
  • 2.) Buying reprint is more expensive than subscribing and collecting t-shirts
  • 3.) Reprints come with same illustration as limited edition releases.

pricing difference in reprints vs subscribers:

Buying 2 reprints would cost you $52.99 while if you subscribe you get the similar t-shirts in limited edition for only $35.99. It is a significant discount (about 25%). But besides discount there is also a fact that you subscribers t-shirts are limited edition making them collectible.

Our design process:

First we brainstorm which topics might interest you. Then we do thoroughly research of the topic to make sure we are not doing something wrong, and that we got the right opinion. After that we write most of the t-shirt page content. Then we write design briefs. And at the very end we do illustration of t-shirts. During illustration process we do a couple of iterations to make sure our illustrations are at the top of their game.