Frequently asked questions

What t-shirt sizes you have?

Our developer t-shirt sizes range from S to 5XL so no matter which size you fit in we are sure to have it.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from EU, UK and USA in order for our customers to avoid import taxes

How often you release new developer tees?

We do 1 release per month, containing 2 t-shirts.

What does subscription membership gets me?

Subscription membership gets you 2 t-shirts you pick from current and past release shipped every 2 months. As t-shirts are released you get to pick which one you like better and that one gets shipped to you. Besides developers tees being a collectible items, you also get a better price than buying reprints

How does your billing work?

We charge you a membership price every 2 months, which means we charge you membership price when you start it and every 2 months after it. For every 2 months charge you’ll get 2 t-shirts.

Can i get both t-shirts from the release?

If you have subscription you can get both t-shirts from one release but that means you will skip previous release.

Why do you have reprints?

We would feel sad if some you simply couldn’t get previous releases. But at the same time we want to make developer tees that are collectible. That is why we’ve structured our offer in a way that nudges you to perhaps test us out with reprints but eventually subscribe.

When are reprints available?

Our released developer tees become available immediately to our subscribers. But they also become available as reprints after 6 months from the month they are released.

Do you offer refunds?

As a general rule no, but if you contact us via email and your case has strong basis we might consider it.

Do you share data with third party?

We don’t share nor sell your data with any third party. We think that is simply wrong, and on top of that we have a business model where your data is not our customer.

Where do you find inspiration for your developer t-shirt?

We are software engineers ourself, that means that same as you we are exposed to various information about software world. Sometimes it is trough talking with colleagues, sometimes trough friends, and sometimes online

Can i suggest you to do some t-shirt theme?

Sure you can. Just send as an email (contact is in the footer). We can’t guarantee that we’ll do it but if it is interesting theme why not.

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Released in September 2023


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